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  • Updateronline
  • VersionEp:4.9
  • Server Time
  • Exp Rate: 100x
    Drop Rate 50x
    Quest Rate 30x
    Kinah 50x
    Abyss 20x
    Total Acounts: 593
    Characters: 618
    Total Guilds: 31

Worldwide frozen aion


A long time ago, god Aion created a flourishing world: Atreia. He populated the world with humans and the creatures similar to dragons, the Draken, but the latter soon became greedy for power and renamed themselves the Balaur. A conflict broke out for supremacy which ended in a cataclysm. The planet broke in two and Aion's light went out forever...


  • Choice from 6 classes, 11 profile and many items
  • Create a your own personal hero.
  • PvP-PvE Battle
  • Battleground events
  • Explore Atreia, a fascinating world of light and shadow.
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